Brisbane – Australia

Time to write something about my hometown, which I think is absolutely fantastic:) Sometimes I wonder, if it really will be possible to move back home to Norway? Sorry to say so, but I haven`t missed my country for 1.second, only family and friends.  I love living in an international community with different cultures, diversity suits me perfectly:) It kind of calms down my constant restlessness, which really are a good thing I guess. However, I will live in this moment for now and just enjoy whatever great opportunities  Australia throws at me:) IMG_5342 This picture is actually 2. minutes from where I live – these parrots have a fav tree. 10374941_10154233622410571_5810123439249010605_n

Brisbane has the best of two worlds, both the urban feeling with skyscrapers and the vibrant city vibe but also this charming relaxed side in Southbank parkland.



10423719_10154233641880571_3503612801766935782_nSouthbank Parklands


 Southbank Parklands




View from the other side of town.

10369733_10154233620195571_2482558764684661030_nNice walls

That`s it for now:)



Happy Clappy New Lunar Year

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the next year”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You have to be brave when you cross the street. They would not stop for you.
You have to be brave when you cross the street. They will not stop for you.

We were so lucky to experience the new years eve in Vietnam. It`s a huge celebration, were everyone has holiday for a whole week to wish the new year welcome.



Everybody suits up and there is flowerbonanza everywhere. The local favorite is the cherrytree in full blossom with it`s pink flowers, lovely! The women dresses in “Ao Dai” very feminine dresses wich i love.



Aodai dresses. Photo Napunzel on instagram.
Aodai dresses. Photo Napunzel on instagram.



There is also dragonshows, wich is so fun to watch. It`s two persons inside and they have to be 100% synced to make a good preformance. Will show you more of that in the video below.



Bagan by bike – Myanmar

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”                                                         Buddha.                                                                                                                           Bagan consists of Pagoda heaven, nowhere else in the world will you find this density of sacred buildings in one single setting. It’s approximately 2230 Pagodas here.                                                                                                             –                                                                                                                                                 We rented e-bikes because of the easyness getting around with it. (Or you can use regular bike if you prefer that.) This is a great way to explore the city at your own pace. As you can see by the picture, this is the place to go for a airballoon ride. Every morning around sunset you can see this sight.



20140112-022049.jpgThe most famous Pagoda in Bagan is Shwezigon, inside it’s 4 large 10.meter high gold Buddhas.



We also drove as far away for the city as possible into Nyuang. Here in this poor area we met a welcoming family, who invited us in for lunch. The lunch was consisting of boiled peanuts and beans. It tasted surprisingly good.:-) I asked what the average salary was for one day, and if you were lucky you might get up to 3000khat. (Aprox:3.dollars or 18nkr.).           imageimage                                       Norwegian: Byen i midt Burma er kjent for sine pagodaer. Og det er over 2000 av de her. Ingen andre steder i verden finner du så mange og så stor tetthet av hellige bygninger på et sted. Inne den mest kjente i denne byen, Shwezigon pagodaen er det 4 kjempe Buddhaer i gull på over 10.meter.

Love this floor inside the pagoda.
Love this floor inside the pagoda.

image                             Vi kjørte også så langt vi kunne komme fra hovedbyen til Nyuang som er den fattige delen av Bagan. Her ble vi bedt på lunch hos en svært vennligsinned familie (og også ganske nysgjerrige.) hvor vi fikk kokte peanøtter og bønner. En smart måte å få i seg nok kalorier på.:-) De fortalte at gjennomsnittslønnen var ca 18kr dagen om man var heldig.imageimage

Scooter time:-)
Scooter time:-)

Rio De Janeiro – Brazil

“Every experience you have is vital for the evolutioconsciousness”                                                                      Author Unknown

Rio De Janiro is a wonderfull place. Especially I loved the hippie markeds, where I felt at home;-)


The city is South Americas New York by that I mean, it never sleeps. We had some exciting days there and it will be fun to watch both The Worldcup in Fotball and the Olympic Games the next years from this vibrant city.


We also used the oppertunity to see Rio from the air;-) Loved it!


Rio De Janeiro Pictures:


Team Superb in The land of Faraos – Egypt

” Observe the wonders as they occure around you. Don`t claim them.                                    Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.”                                           Rumi

Went to Egypt with one of my favorite travel friends 🙂 She is always in a good mood, great to travel with and together we are Team Superb;-) A buddy was also on the trip and we went to Sharm El Sheikh as charter tourists. Here we stayed at an incredibly great place close to the water, gorgeous!


One of the nights I took the night bus alone up to Cairo because I wanted to see the Pyramids when I was in Egypt.



Something I did not regret! Although I hardly slept on the bus who  went so fast with subsequent brakings. Tried to lie along two seats and ended up on the floor several times, but it was still the most comfortable sleeping position;-)


Seeing the Pyramids was very fascinating, and I also liked that you could go so far into the ground inside them. Who knows if there are still some treasures in there that have not yet been found? Like that thought;-)


One of the other days went Silje and I out to a Bedouin village in the desert, while Erik was left to soak up the sun;-) It was a very beautiful landscape and the Bedouins (obvious touristmachins) Was very nice. And I choose to believe that it was genuine.





Dro til Egypt med en av mine favoritt reisevenner og en kompis. Det er fordi hun er alltid i godt humør, flott og reise med og sammen er vi Team Suveren;-)


Making our own Starbuck Coffee, Yeei!:-)
Making our own Starbuck Coffee, Yeei!:-)


Det angret jeg abbsolutt ikke på! Selv om jeg nesten ikke sov noe på selve bussturen som gikk i dundrende fart med tilsvarende bråbremsning. Prøvde å ligge langs to seter og havnet stadig vekk på gulvet, men det var allikevel den mest komfortable sovestillingen;-)


Synes pyramidene var veldig fasinerende, og likte også at man kunne gå så mange ganger langt ned i jorda inni de. Montro om det fortsatt finnes noen skatter der inne som enda ikke er funnet??


En av de andre dagene dro Silje og jeg ut til en beduinlandsby i ørkene, mens Erik ville være igjen å slikke sol;-) Her var det veldig vakkert landskap og beduinene som selvfølgelige er turistmaskiner på mange måter var veldig hyggelige. Og jeg velger å tro at det var genuint.


Cuzco – Peruan life

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”
William Morris

We were in Cuzco some days before we went to Puno. It a dynamic city and is fascinating to watch the daily day life. I love to do this in every place I`m at with a cup of coffee. I think it`s a pleasant way to digest all the impressions and it actually gives me bliss in away:-)

I`ll show you some of my pictures only from this place. 🙂




The hidden mountain city – Machu Picchu – Peru

                                        “The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself.                                        It is the only place for us to live.”

                Evaristo Ikanan (Inca)


On our trip to Peru was of course one of the goals Machu Picchu. 🙂 For me it’s this one and the Great Wall of China that is truly impressive.


Far up in the mountains the Incas built this “secret” city (aprox 2200meters)  and one can just imagine how much work it was to transport all the material up there at the time. (year 1440) We know that they have not used material from the surrounding mountains as the Incas believed you should not cut in and destroy the natural shape of the mountains.  It is hardly used any “glue” or mortar between the stones which indicates how technical the Incas most have been. In some places, the buildings fitted with stones measuring only in order to make the perfect symmetry.



På vår tur i Peru var selvfølgelig et av målene Macchu Picchu.:-) For meg er det denne og den kinesiske mur som virkelig er imponerende.

Langt oppi fjellene har inkaene bygget denne “hemmlige” byen og man kan jo bare tenke seg til hvor mye arbeid det er som skulle til for å få fraktet alt materialet opp dit på den tiden. (1440 ca) Men vet at de ikke har brukt materiale fra fjellene rundt fordi inkaene mente man ikke skal hugge i området rundt plassen eller fjell generellt. Det er nesten ikke brukt noe “lim” eller mørtel mellom steinene noe som sier noe om hvor tekniske inkaene var. Noen steder er byggningene tilpasset med steiner som bare måler for at det skulle bli perfekt symmetri.