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Travel the Pacific Ocean

Me and my good friend Sandra, traveled to Vanuatu in the South Pacific Island. The language here is french or Pitcairn-English as they call it. The people there is very friendly and I don´t think there is much crime committed in that island.

However, the capital of the Island Efate is Port Vila,  a lazy little town with a very short main street;) Takes 10.minutes maybe to walk through the entire city, or even less maybe. Due to this I would recommend to travel around the entire Island by car or quad bike, which is approximately around 135-140km. You can also rent a “bus” with a driver, but the price is high. Around 120 dollars.

Touristtip: The transport on the Island do all look the same, but if you look closely on their numberplate the busses has a little B in the corner and the taxies has a little T, the taxis is around 3 times higher in price than the busses. You should not pay more than around 150 Vanuatu with the bus to get from one place to another.



You will drive past coconuts plantations were people climb the trees with their big knife. We found out that it was not that usual to go to the other side of the Island, as electricity is only in Port Vila. And people working in the villages looked very surprised when they saw two girls, they even asked if we where part of a helping organisation since we were not following the tourist sheep trails.

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Behind the waterfalls

We also went to Mele Cascades, the beautiful waterfalls. This is highly recommended as it is natures own “Wet and Wild” in its natural habitat.

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The name Vanuatu, actually means “home” and the motto of the Island is similar to the US, in good we trust.

DCIM100GOPROG0241042. DCIM100GOPROG0251048.Waterslide:) So fun!



A Pearl in the Pacific Ocean – Vanuatu

I think my all time favorite have finally been found.

Vanuatu – In the pacific ocean, just listen to the sound of the name it says it all. It is close to Fiji, and the nature is particulare the same. However, there are not as many tourist here, which makes it a little treasure in itself.

 Blue Lagon – the closest you get to be Tarzan for a day. bluelagon2bluelagon1 Jump:)Bluelagon3 So Fun!vanuatu11

Beautiful sunsets.

And all kinds of activities you just can dream about


A secret paradise – Ihla Grande, Brasil

“All journeys have secret destinations of wich the traveler is unaware” Martin Buber

Ihla Grande


In Brazil, it is crowded by party boats packed with revelers tourists, but why go to Brazil to experience an imitation of Aiya Napa? We chose to go with locals to Ihla Gande a hidden little gem about 1 1/2 hours from Rio. The island was formerly known as a haunt for pirates and hardcore criminals but don`t be intimidated by this.




This island is also completely free of traffic, with other words a welcome respite from the urban jungle of Rio. Most of the island consists of jungle and there are dozens of fine woodland paths you can embark on a voyage to discover.


I Brasil kryr det av partybåter stappfulle med feststemte turister, men hvem drar vel til Brasil for å oppleve en etterligning av aiya napa? Vi valgte å dra sammen med lokal befolkningen til Ihla Gande en skjult liten perle ca 1 1/2 time fra Rio. Øya er tidligere kjent som et tilholdssted for pirater og hardbarka kriminelle men ikke la deg skremme av dette.


Øya er kun 193kvdm stor og stranden Lopes Mendes ligger på verdens topp 10 liste over strender, hvorfor skjønner du når du ser hvor idyllisk den er.


Denne øyen er også helt fri for biltrafikk, et kjærkomment pusterom fra storbyjungelen Rio med andre ord. Mesteparten av øyen består av jungel og det er utrolig mange fine skogsstier man kan legge ut på oppdagelsesferd på.