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Brisbane – Australia

Time to write something about my hometown, which I think is absolutely fantastic:) Sometimes I wonder, if it really will be possible to move back home to Norway? Sorry to say so, but I haven`t missed my country for 1.second, only family and friends.  I love living in an international community with different cultures, diversity suits me perfectly:) It kind of calms down my constant restlessness, which really are a good thing I guess. However, I will live in this moment for now and just enjoy whatever great opportunities  Australia throws at me:) IMG_5342 This picture is actually 2. minutes from where I live – these parrots have a fav tree. 10374941_10154233622410571_5810123439249010605_n

Brisbane has the best of two worlds, both the urban feeling with skyscrapers and the vibrant city vibe but also this charming relaxed side in Southbank parkland.



10423719_10154233641880571_3503612801766935782_nSouthbank Parklands


 Southbank Parklands




View from the other side of town.

10369733_10154233620195571_2482558764684661030_nNice walls

That`s it for now:)



Aussie Livin`

Hi you guys, about time I update you.


Have been in this magnificent country for about two months now. Absolutly love the culture here, with the BBQ, the friendliness (alway someone to help you if you are stuck in some sort of way- and that happens!;-)), the weather, my flatmate Wendy from Hong-Kong which I share house with (recon here as a aussie though, she`s been here for 17 years).She is probably on of the most enterprising person I have ever meet.





Hallo alle dere som følger meg på mitt år i utlandet.

Har vært her rundt 2.måneder nå, og som forventet er kulturen her fantastisk. Veldig vennligsinnet, været er bra, og har virkelig fått et annet syn på hva en skikkelig griller er. Her leker man ikke grillmester, det er ligger mye prestisje i det å ha den beste teknikken på å “flip the burgers”. Deler hus med en fra Hong-Kong som jeg tror må være en av de mest driftige personene jeg noen gang har møtt. Jobber glatt 50 timer pluss i uka, samt trener så og si hver dag og er ute på farten ellers.